Product Information
Plan No. 944
  • Aadhaar Shila plan has been exclusively designed for Female lives without any medical test
  • This is the ideal plan for regular saving along with life cover with lowest premium in this category of plans
  • The life cover enhances due to the loyalty bonus as would be declared by LIC
  • The customer gets the tax-free maturity which includes the loyalty bonus along with Sum Assured
  • This plan offers the Accidental Life cover also along with basic life cover
  • This plan also has the option of taking the Maturity proceeds in instalments as the policy-holder can choose the no of year as 5, 10 or 15.
  • In a similar way, the policyholder also has the option of choosing the death benefit in instalments
  • LIC also offer the discount in the premium in case the mode of payment is Yearly and for higher sum assured
  • The loan is also available to the policyholder after the completion of 2 years of the policy
  • Settlement option avilable on Maturity and Death in Installments of 5,10 or 15 Years
How Does This Policy Work
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Eligibility Criteria
Min. Max.
Age 8 Yars (Completed) 55 Years (Last Birthday)
Policy Term 10 Years 20 Years
Premium Payment Term Same as Policy Term
Basic Sum Assured Rs.75,000 Rs.3 Lacs
Maximum Maturity Age 70 Years (Nearer Birthday)